Roof Snow Removal

At Raintree, we understand the importance of removing heavy snow before your roof structure is put at risk due to the weight of the snow pushing the weight bearing threshold. The structural integrity of your roof depends on quickly getting the snow removed.

Our crews work around the clock - and can handle any size job - following OSHA safety regulations while removing your snow. We have emergency response services as well as pre-storm management services for those who are part of our maintenance program.

Call us today to discuss your options, or if you need emergency help with snow removal from your commercial roof structure. We can handle high rises to medical buildings, universities and condominiums, and everything in between.

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Slowly and Suddenly

You may not be aware of the damage from snow, as it can happen over time or in a disaster. If snow is not removed promptly, the roof can weaken both its surface and its structural integrity. We can check for visual clues, as well as other indicators such as:

  • Noticeable roof deformities
  • New areas of ponding water after snowmelt
  • Sagging or bent metal purlins
  • Leaking, which could indicate membrane damage
  • Audible “popping” noises emanating from the building’s structure
Not only did you replace our roofs, you worked as a team with other contractors to replace our rooftop air handler units.
— Greg Grimm, Chief engineer – Skyline House Unit Owners Assoc.

Low Slope Roofs

If your roof is a low slope, you are especially susceptible to snow damage as it is more difficult for snow to slide off or melt away. Windblown snow can drift on your roof, causing a dangerous load in a particular part of the roof. Runoff from snow can freeze in drainpipes and block your drainage system.

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Our process

Snow must be removed in a windrow pattern to avoid any instability in the roof. We only use OSHA-approved equipment and follow careful procedures to remove the snow. You do not need to worry about voiding your warranty on your roof because we will protect it during the process.


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