About Us

In a world where products, services and people have become a commodity, Raintree Services is successful because we “own” the opposing mindset:  We think, act & behave in a manner in which EVERY DETAIL MATTERS. 

Every Project.  Every Task.  Every Relationship.


Our Promise

We provide commercial roofing, inspection and maintenance services with the highest attention to detail.  Here at Raintree, we believe that the best performing roofs are the result of managing every detail AND developing a close partnership with the building owner or facilities executive. We succeed because we are focused on the details of every project, every task and every relationship. 



We exist in order to decrease the worry and workload faced by Facility Manager/Property Owners - specifically in the areas of managing and mitigating roofing emergencies, inspections & maintenance – as well as controlling long and short term roofing costs, tackling complex roofing issues and completing new roof installations.  



What began in 1978 as a small family business serving south central Pennsylvania homes and businesses, quickly grew to be the premier commercial roofing services company for Maryland, Virginia, and DC area businesses and property owners.