IRMA Roof Replacement

College Park, MD


This IRMA sectional roof replacement project started during Winter break with a focus to maximize production during lighter activities on campus. Replacement work was completed with limited ground and set-up access because of pedestrian and food delivery traffic.

A temporary access opening was cut through an existing slate screen wall assembly to allow our crew to handle material and debris to a lower roof area and to a power hoist to raise and lower materials.

Outside of the perimeter screen wall required both roofing and sheet metal work where a man lift was required for safety and access. Roof drain assemblies were replaced and new liquid applied flashings were installed at all screen wall supports versus pitch pockets. Custom duct work support post stanchions were fabricated and installed.

Lastly, a new roof hatch, locking mechanism, and railing were installed. This project challenged us because of limited access, numerous roof penetrations, and working conditions.


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