About Mitch

Name, position, time with company: 

Mitch Sterner is the Vice President of Raintree. He brings 18 years industry experience to the Raintree team. 

Why i love raintree

Raintree is a team-oriented company with a family feel.  Our priorities, approach, and perspective are all-inclusive and incorporate industry knowledge, trust, value of partnerships, and caring and understanding towards are customers and fellow Raintree employees. 

We are diverse in our service offerings, roof and restoration system installations, territory coverage, and experience in facing unique projects and challenges in our industry.  At the end of the day, we have each others back and work together to grow our business and look out for each others families.

industry specific training/expertise 

My strengths are in project management and estimating, disaster relief, roof top snow removal logistics, troubleshooting, and field operations.  I participated in widespread rooftop snow removal logistics in the Northeast and Hurricane response efforts in Florida from 2006 - 2007 and Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi.

community and family

I am active in the community and support the Southern York County Business Association, York County Economic Alliance, and several local businesses, schools, and universities.  

fun fact 

I enjoy spending time with family, coaching, relaxing at the beach, and water sports.